This blog is dedicated to trying to find out who I am. This is just bits and peaces of what inspire me, questions I have and lessons I am learning on this journey of life. I don't expect anyone to actually read this but at least a part of me can reach further then where I am now.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Paper Doll

I currently work for Teen Christian Magazine (TC magazine) as one of the graphic artists. I often look through different magazines to get inspiration and I happened to run across this amazingly cool magazine called Paper Doll. Please Check it out.


I have fallen in love with printmaking. Especially letter press. There is something so beautiful and amazing about the way the letters feel on the page after they have been printed. The art of letter press is nearly dead. It is barley hanging on as a form of art and I want to be a part of it. I recently went to Chicago and got to tour starshaped press. It was this tiny little space full of cases of led type and stacks of paper. It was so quant and so simple. I want to have that some day or something like that.